Facebook Modern Crochet World Championship English

Hi everybody,
As you can see from my Facebook page, I love modernism, crochet and creations from all over the world.  That is why earlier this week, had this idea of organising an international competition featuring crocheters worldwide.
I started it all on a whim but I’ve never been so happy to work so hard.
Facebook international game 2
The program:
A game:
It is an INTERNATIONAL competition, all countries are invited to participate/take part! There are no restrictions and everybody can win.
Each participant must send the best photo of his/her crochet creation.

Staging, material used, quality of photography, originality of the work…. all will be judged and taken into account.

The photo must be sent to or by Private Message to the  Petit Modèles Facebook page
You will have to state your Facebook username, the name of your blog, address of the online shop, country, state, region…. as well as any other useful information about the work in competition.
There is no required level of expertise. You can submit any type of work as long as the  requirements listed above are provided.
– Dates:
Deadline for entries is  31 December 2013
Results will be announced in January (first week of January, judges diairies permitting).
– The Judges:
A minimum of 10 members from the world of craft. Their names are communicated on my Facebook page where they are introduced individually.
I am still looking for sponsors but I can already say that Petit Modèles will be giving a pattern of their choice to each of the 10 winners
The online shop A Very BAd Sheep will be supplying the yarn to make the chosen patterns
LaetiBricole  will be giving out some cards of her own design.
 Vinciane de MiaouxDoudoux will give a copy of her new book to one of the winners (Judges special selection)
 Arrow Workshop Mercerie Moderne  will also be giving a prize, Abracadacraft  will be giving one or two prizes, Hey sister will be giving some very pretty jewelry …
As you can see, Everything isn’t quite finalised  yet. (I’m new at this), mistakes will be made (I hope not but there is a human being behind my name) but the main thing is to share beautiful things together.

This competition can only live and grow with you. So please, share it on your pages/blogs or any other mean available.

Please, Help me make this first edition of the competition a sucess and a beautiful moment of sharing