Vegan Worldwild crochet contest results.

Here we are, THE RESULTS!

Thank you to all of you, it was a great new contest with original creations full of charm.

Thank you also to my fantastic jury! Anisbee, Véronique Chermette, Dendennis, Agathe Rose, LesSospechosos, Abracadacraft, Lalylala, ConfitureALaMure et Sylvie Damey.

They are all really available and very generous.

I know you really want to know « who »? So let’s talk about the 10 (11 ex aequo) « lucky winners« :

N°1: N°74 Amour Fou

N°2: N°49 Cé Cilia

N°3: N°19 Sabine Eggers

And then: N°51 Migüs, N°41 Filou et Coquinette, N°23 Raphaele Cilia, N°21 Gina Cano Ruiz, N°60 Christelle Mendelssohn, N°67 Adriana Alicia Silva, N°26 Marie from and N°31 Ophélie dite Ahooka (26 and 31 ex aequo).

If you can see your name, please contact me (facebook page) I will explain which pattern you will receive.

Thank you to all of you.